The Off-season

Living in Upstate New York is a bit of a bummer in the winter. This project is representative of my feelings about that time of the year in this god forsaken forest. I've been working on this on and off since February, and now that its spring I'm ready to move on to more sunny and green vibes. Working on a project with snow and weather effects was a pretty huge challenge for me. Lots of time spent on shaders and particles to make the image feel cohesive. Lighting was a challenge as well due to the snow presenting some issues when trying to bake lighting in UE4. I settled on moving the project to 4.22 to use the new RTX ray tracing features and full dynamic lighting. However, because my PC is using a 10 series card, this scene ran at about 10~12 frames per second.

Huge shout out to both Josh Lynch and Ryan Benno for all their help, mentorship and advice on this project!

Dylan burrell snowburgers a
Dylan burrell snowburgers b
Dylan burrell snowburgers artstation

I recommend viewing in 4k

Dylan burrell highresscreenshot00010

Near the start of this project

Dylan burrell screenshot006

prop closeups

Dylan burrell screenshot005
Dylan burrell screenshot000

Building siding material I sculpted in Zbrush, then finished in Designer.